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Lewis Hamilton's car sports "Hooning is Not a Crime" bumper sticker

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A Jalopnik reader spotted a most ironic bumper sticker slapped to the back of F1 star Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes wagon at this month's 2011 Canadian Grand Prix. Damn straight "hooning is not a crime," except for when it is and you get arrested for it or have your license revoked.


UPDATE: Lewis Hamilton's representatives tell us that the F1 driver did not put the sticker on his car and was an attempt at humor by someone other than Hamilton. Given that, this in no way a statement of whether or not he actually endorses hooning, and certainly not a statement on whether or not he believes it to be a matter for the criminal courts.

The anonymous tipster says he was wandering around with his mates near the parking area for drivers at the circuit when they came across the Mercedes E350 wagon — probably on loan from Mercedes Benz of Canada's fleet — parked in Lewis Hamilton's spot. He almost didn't believe it until he saw the other cars parked there, including Alonso's Ferrari.


It's quite a bold statement to make for Hamilton given his run-ins with the law on hooning issues and his hoontastic performance in Montreal. We love bold statements.