“It’s important to me to uplift and celebrate Black people and our culture and with the year’s Met theme, I thought it was a great way to further express this,” Hamilton told W. The dress code this year was “American Independence,” with the event held, like it always is, ahead of new exhibition in the costume wing, this year’s called “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion.” I don’t really know if that theme really has anything to do with what Hamilton is talking about, but also that isn’t really the point.

Hamilton was also there to plug the Hamilton Commission’s work on improving diversity in motor sport, in addition to Mission 44, a non-profit to support underrepresented groups in the U.K. 


Tickets to the Met Gala are $35,000 apiece, and you could dismiss this as merely a nice gesture except in the fashion world — like racing and, sigh, journalism — just being in the room itself can make or break your career. The designers Hamilton brought along with him surely know that, too.

You can also, in these kinds of moments, begin to see the contours of what Hamilton’s life might be like once he retires from F1: Charitable endeavors paired with the occasional lavish party. Not bad at all.