Lewis Hamilton's Music Is Shockingly Not Terrible

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Three-time Formula One world driver’s champion Lewis Hamilton shared some of his latest work with 60 Minutes’ Charlie Rose last night, and even I have to admit: it’s not terrible. Sure, our point of reference for F1 songwriters is Jacques Villeneuve, but Hamilton’s created something surprisingly inoffensive.

These two clips of “J’Adore” and “Lookin’ At You” that Hamilton played for 60 Minutes don’t make me want to ragequit the very notion of sound in the least bit. Just with that, he’s doing better than Taylor Swift already.


“Here’s what’s interesting about you,” said 60 Minutes host Charlie Rose of Hamilton. “You know, you’re at the top of your game as a Formula One racer — world champion — and there you’re exploring music, fashion.”

“Why not?” replied Hamilton. Why not, indeed? If it makes the man happy and doesn’t make our ears bleed, you keep on doin’ you, Lewis.


He’s a little nasal, and the background beats to “J’Adore” are simple to the point of sounding a little bit like 1993, but otherwise, he’s gone with smooth, basic R&B that wouldn’t be out of place at a cheesy junior high dance.

It’s hard to tell from the sound clips, but at first listen, Hamilton’s sound is a bit too Generic R&B to sneak onto my list of “Potential Traffic Jams To Sneak In When No One Is Looking.” Perhaps he needs something a little more unique to stick out from the crowd musically, like a collaboration with GWAR. Overall, though, I don’t hate it.


Sure, “Lookin’ At You” sounds a little bit like the sad poetry of a lonely man, but that’s music. If he’s not writing sad songs about his ex or about other topics he feels passionately about, why would he even bother with music? It’s a form of expression. Embrace it, dude.

Hamilton told 60 Minutes that even though he’s exploring some personal feelings, he wants to share his latest work with his fans.


“In here, I can be me, I can be vulnerable,” said Hamilton. “I can show people a side to me that people don’t get to see.”

So, fans—what do you think? Is #TeamLH #blessed with smooth vocals?

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