Let's Take in Daniel Ricciardo's Wing Blowing Up His First F1 Race this Season

Daniel Ricciardo didn’t make it to the finish of the Australian Grand Prix this year, but he did make it to the first corner, which is something of an achievement given that his front wing exploded.


Ricciardo left the perhaps less than stress-free climes of Red Bull Racing to join eager team Renault this year and certainly things could have gone better for his debut race. He just slightly went onto the grass at the start and boom goodbye all of your aero keeping your front wheels pressed into the ground.

Let’s see that again:

And let’s take it in with audio, though sadly not including whatever Ricciardo was or wasn’t cursing over the team radio at his home race:

I had to double check this clip to see if Ricciardo actually made up some places braking for that first corner or not. Not that it’s super important; he retired later in the race.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.


Looks like Ricciardo left the wings at Red Bull.