Let Two Dunces From Georgia Show You How To Prep Your Car For Winter

Winter, the most wonderful time of the year! Full of festive cheer, family gatherings, ice on the road and frantic holiday shopping. Well, not this winter. This has been a different kind of winter, one in which you probably have some free time on your hands to prep your vehicle for inclement conditions. Stay home, brew up a fierce hot chocolate and bust out that toolbox, honey, because we’re going over 7(-ish) things you can do to winterize your car.

You already know where this is going. WINTER. TIRES. If you deal with regular snowfall during the colder months you need to consider a standalone set of winter tires. If snow isn’t as common where you are, you can get by — we’ve been told — on a good set of all-seasons. Whatever, just make sure your tires aren’t bald and that you’re running the appropriate pressures.


Keeping your engine in a good state of tune is always important, but especially so in colder weather. Make sure you’ve got a clean air filter and your ignition system is in tip-top shape so those cold starts are low-drama. And the party ain’t even starting unless your battery is up to the task, so check the age of the battery, ensure you’ve got the proper cold cranking amps (CCA) and get it tested if you’re not sure.

Checking your fluid levels, as well as peeping at the condition of your hoses and belts, will ensure that ol’ faithful gets you where you’re going. Beyond that, make sure all of your exterior lighting is operational so you can see and others can see you. Maybe tuck a snow brush in the trunk while you’re at it.


Quality time with loved ones is rare these days, so why not redirect some of your lonesomeness at your trusty set of wheels? You’ll be glad you did. Good luck out there!

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