Let These Two Idiots Show You How To Change Your Transmission Fluid

The world of automotive DIY-ing is a fruitful one, full of knowledgeable experts and easy-to-follow guides. You won’t be getting that here.

Hi! We’re Jake and Chris, the lethargic pair behind Gears & Queers, an LGBTQ+ automotive channel here on The Internet. You can find us there reviewing cars both new and old, working on our own fleet of rapidly decaying vehicles and just generally being stupid. Come say hi and join the community. You can even show us around your own personal ride if you want.


Now we’ve put our collective three brain cells to use in hacking the Jalopnik mainframe to bring you Project Driveway, a new show where we’re gonna demonstrate how to do things and stuff to your own car. What kind of things and stuff? Routine maintenance, basic repair jobs and maybe some more involved projects down the line. Why us, you may ask? We don’t know! Guess we bothered the right people. But the goal here is to show you that maintaining and improving your own car isn’t hard, regardless if it’s 40 years old or fresh off the lot. Because trust us — if we can do it, you sure can.

So let’s start with a simple, yet seldom discussed job: changing your manual transmission fluid. We know, we know. We’re heroes for driving stick, please put the cameras down. But seriously, when’s the last time you changed this stuff? Let us show you how on today’s subject, Jacob’s 2004 Acura RSX Type-S.


Note to those who have a “fill until it starts to drain” style transmissions -

Please make sure your car is level.  Just jacking up the front creates an angle the may lead you to under-fill or over fill the transmission.  Most fill plug locations assume flat fluid levels.