Learn to Play Golf for $22,000!

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Dubbed Stevie's Wonder by EuroTuner magazine, this rare VW Rallye proves that Golf is a sport, and not just a pastime. Today, Nice Price or Crack Pipe wants to know if its twenty-two grand price will make you say fore!

Crazy doesn't overcome crappy, and, in a wicked 75% Crack Pipe drubbing, yesterday's V8-injected 914 dropped like a meth addict's teeth. That car could have been described as good from far, but far from good, and the poor quality of the detailing demonstrated an amateur approach to the work, and unbefitting its $20K asking price. As most of you pointed out, there's no reason to pay for someone else's shoddy workmanship when you can eff it up all by yourself for less. However, DIY wasn't in the cards for the seller of today's candidate, and there is nothing amateur about the end result. Odd for a vehicle branded the people's car, this VW is extremely rare, and is both artfully and individually updated- at a price only two thousand more than yesterday's 9-1-1 evoking 914.


With only 5,000 built, and exactly zero officially imported into the States, you can be pretty well assured not so see another Volkswagen Rallye Golf cruising through the Dairy Queen parking lot. A few have been brought over by enterprising VW-fanatics, and like many a treasured VW, some have seen radical reinventions. This '89 Rallye Golf, which is being sold by a VWVortex member, has gone from solid factory special to mind-meltingly modded- all while still retaining its non-douchy demeanor.


Originally powered by the 160-bhp snail-scroll supercharger-topped G60 engine, the tires under its flared fenders are now fed by a forced-induction version of VW's narrow-angle 2.9-litre six. No backyard bolt-on, the engine, as well as the rest of the car's modifications, were handled by East Coast-based VW super gurus NGP Racing. The details of the extensive drivetrain mods can be read here, but suffice to say that 330-whp is claimed, and the seller says that he's had the pleasure of smoking not one, but two Shelby GT500s with the car. It would be wholly appropriate to make nyuk, nyuk, nyuk, woowoowoowoowoo noises whilst behind the wheel of this Golf.


Inside there's the stock set of recaros to keep you from bruising your elbows on the door handles around corners, and outside there are BBS RF 16x8.5 rims to keep the Kumhos from rolling away. Other than those five-spoke wheels, the exterior is remarkably stock. You won't find Lambo doors, bots dot-scraping ground effects, or even an egregiously large fart can on the car, and even the badging has been left in place so you can explain to the curious at each fill-up just what exactly a Rallye Golf is.

The seller is asking $22,000 for this blue bomb, and it's obvious that much more than that has gone into both parts and hours to bring the car to where it is today - which happens to be Virginia. It should also be noted that the seller is employed by the United States Navy, so let's show him the respect he deserves. He is after all trained to kill, and apparently, he has also been trained to build some killer cars.


So what's your take on $22,000 for this Rallye Golf that eats Mustangs for lunch? Is that a price that's par for the course? Or does that just make you tee'd off?

You decide!


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