Leaked 2020 Ford Baby Bronco Photos Tease What the Big Bronco Will Look Like

Earlier today, photos from a Ford event taken by somebody who has almost certainly been killed by now circulated of what appears to be the upcoming Ford Bronco or Baby Bronco. But everyone was so excited we seemed to have missed an easter egg revealing the crossover to be the Baby Bronco for sure, while also hinting at what the upcoming bigger Bronco will look like.


The easter egg was pointed out to us by the folks over at the Bronco6G forums. If you look in the background of the middle photo via Off-Road.com of one of the presentation images, you see that the SUV-shaped shadow on the wall does not match the crossover that’s perfectly lit in the image. Check it out:

Photo via Bronco6G. Used with permission.
Photo via Bronco6G. Used with permission.

The shadow on the wall clearly shows a taller, longer and boxier shape, but the big giveaway is the spare tire mounted on the rear of the SUV. The back edge of the roof also seems to be closer to a 90-degree angle, and better echoes the Broncos of the past, especially the Bronco II, over the sleeker and smaller Baby Bronco lit in the photos. It also lines up almost perfectly with the teaser image of the big Bronco released earlier this year:

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Of course we can’t say for sure that the photos show the Baby Bronco, nor a shadow easter egg of the larger Bronco SUV, but we know Ford has been working on both, that’s sure what these look like, and that these photos were reportedly taken at a Ford dealership conference in Las Vegas. What else could they be?

The same forum, Bronco6G, also claims to have a credible source reporting that Ford is planning an entire lineup of Bronco-branded vehicles. Here’s the information they sent us:

“The vehicle in the leaked image is what is called a Bronco-(TBD) like of like Apple has an iPad and an iPad Mini. Ford plans to have a full line of off-road capable SUVs that are named Bronco. The one we are all waiting for will just be called “Bronco” and will be the flagship of the line. The one that was just leaked is sized similarly to the Jeep Renegade. The main Bronco (the shadow in the image) will be the vehicle to bring people in the showroom and the Bronco-(TBD) will be the one that everyone can afford. They will both come out within a few months of each other.”


It makes sense that Ford would want to totally cash in on bringing the Bronco back, but I’m just concerned it’s going to be too worried about soft-roaders to nail down a great Wrangler-competitor, if that’s even what it was going for in the first place. Either way, I like the look of what I’m seeing so far, and in the end, they’re going to sell a bunch of them regardless.

Big h/t to Bronco6G for sending the tips along.

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