Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Are you cruisin' for a bruisin'? Well then Nice Price or Crack Pipe has Lana's Indiana Riviera for you, and she wants to know; Hoosier Daddy?

Yesterday saw the '58 Impala cause a mass hysteria of Crack Pipery rivaled only by the mourners at the Michael Jackson memorial. Today, we're getting hella hard with a low-mileage Buick cruiser transplanted from the sunny slopes of exotic Flint Michigan.

Buick undertook the first major redesign of the Riviera in 1966, eschewing the square-edged, three box shape of the previous two years for a flowing fastback with muscular haunches and a hood so long, it's on mountain time. Power options for '66 were reduced to one- the nailhead 425, producing 340 bhp - enough to move the 4,650 lb car, and crank that ancient A/C compressor - and 465 lb-ft of titty-twisting torque.


This Riviera is rocking not only the nailhead, but also some wicked louvers on that stretch armstrong hood to keep it well ventilated, plus dual spotlamps, some black on white Von Dull custom pinstriping, and Lana's Cruiser tramp-stamped on its ample trunk lid. On top of all that, the seller claims it has factory Posse Track so you'll always know where your homies are.

If the seller is to be believed, this hoosier cruiser has only 47,000 miles on the clock. That means it hasn't made too many passes down the local Woodward wannabe, preferring instead to spend the past 10 years in the confines of the owner's garage. If so, then that's a cryin' shame as this TV ad shows, driving a Riv is a sublime experience:


Now, South Indianapolis is a far stretch from the Italian Riviera, and while the tuned styling and presence of the big Buick has always resonated with the stoic mid-western sensibilities of the region - and the only car named actually after the state capital was Italian - naming it the Terre Haute probably wouldn't have had the same spark, despite its yankee practicality.

Speaking of spark, is there a bright flash of interest in that asking price? $10,500 is about what you'd spend on a skybox for a full season of the Colts, and you know the Riv will be a lot more entertaining than that. So, what do you think, is ten-five a Nice Price for this portly personal coupe? Or is Lana's Cruiser a Crack Pipe too far?

You decide!


Indianapolis Craigslist, or go here if the ad goes cruising.

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