Lamborghini Aventador J: The Fastest Way To Eat Bugs And Ferraris

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This is the Lamborghini Aventador J (not Unica). It's a very, very open variation of the Aventador. The J (the appended letter is taken from the "Appendix J" FIA motorsport rules that describes the various classes of cars) uses the the 12-cylinder version Lamborghini Aventador flagship as its base. What makes it truly different is the near-total lack of regard for the comfort of the two people lucky enough to be perched on — "in" isn't really an accurate preposition here — the roofless, windshield-less car.

The overall look is pretty stunning. It's like they took the basic, stealth-fighter design of the Aventador, and then freed the designers from the tedious details of what's needed to put actual humans in a car. Doors, windows, all that crap. What's left is a sleek wedge that looks like the idea of "fast" distilled down to its basics.


The under-3500lb car is built with the first automotive application of something the press release creepily calls "carbonskin," a woven carbon fiber fabric soaked in a special epoxy resin. In the Aventador J, the entire cockpit and parts of the seats are covered in the newly-patented stuff. Based on the design of the car, it looks as though it's much closer to a purpose-built racing car than a traditional convertible, with no provisions for any sort of weather protection apparent.


So, if you're a wealthy gadabout with a desire for a breathtaking 700 hp sculpture you can sit in and have your face pummeled by bugs and wind (I'm assuming your face is too pretty for a helmet), I think you've found your next purchase.