Koenigsegg Recalls Exactly 1 Agera

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With GMs recalling of 28,923,83 cars this year we're increasingly used to seeing large amounts of cars with each recall, but our friends at Koenigsegg have given us something from the other end of the spectrum. They've recalled just one Agera. You read that right. Just one.


Now I don't mean just one model, they actually recalled one single car–the only Agera in the US. There was an issue with the Tire Pressure Monitoring Software (TMPS) that would indicate that there was a missing wheel sensor but the light to indicate this wouldn't immediately come back on if the car was restarted after five minutes. Somehow this was considered a problem.


Koenigsegg tracked the owner down and had the car fixed by updating the vehicle's software in July.

Surely this is smallest recall in the history of recalls, especially considering it's as small as a recall could possibly be.

Just read the Noncompliance Report from NHTSA. It's absolutely hysterical.

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The other way of looking at it is that Koenigsegg just had to recall all examples of the Agera model in the US.