Kickin' The (Oil) Habit In Vegas: More On Mark's Corny Ride

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Our cross-country adventurin' boy in the alcoholic car, Mark Pike, has his first update from the road for us. It's short and sweeter than summer corn:

Since leaving Washington, DC powered exclusively by E85 fuel, we've driven through seventeen states, chilled with Governors, chatted with Congressional Representatives, and discussed boxers vs. briefs with Senators.

We've attended baseball games and churches, hung out with farmers and farmer's daughters, driven dump trucks, recorded rap songs, and eaten more beef jerky than is recommended by the Surgeon General.

Who said kicking the oil habit couldn't be fun?

We're about to leave Vegas right now, and I was hoping lucky number Red 21 would win us enough E85 fuel money to get us to the Pacific. Mark Twain was right, gambling is the stupid man's tax."


Keep checking back over the next couple of days — hopefully the free wi-fi will keep up for the rest of the trip. Also, check out our very own Robert Farago's talk with the young lad over on TTAC.

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