Kia Optima SX Limited Is One Way To Spend $34,900

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America's most sort of exciting mid-sizer — the Kia Optima SX — just got better! Ok, not really better. Or faster. And there's no manual transmission. But it is more expensive in new SX Limited trim, almost reaching the $35,000 mark. What do you have to be high on to pay that for a mid-size sedan? Oh… right.

Mimicking their Super Bowl Ad, Kia launched the new trim with the little fairy dude and a Chicago-based Motley Crüe tribute band. What, no Adriana Lima?


It's also the same car from the commercial, distinguished by the shiny chrome wheels, red brake calipers and LED running lights.The SX Limited trim brings the car even closer to near-luxury with numerous chrome accents, wood-trim, Nappa leather, and a fancier headliner trim.

Otherwise, the Limited shares the Turbo's 2.0-liter GDI turbo with its Camry-and-everyone-else-besting 274 horsepower. It still also only comes with a six-speed automatic transmission.

Pricing details were absent from the release, but they mentioned a price south of $35,000 at the press conference and Car And Driver mentions a price of $34,900. That's a $7,650 increase over the base SX and uncomfortably close to some real luxury options.


The Optima SX is best-in-class with a price to match, but anything over $30,000 for a FWD mid-size Korean sedan seems odd. Either Kia customers keep buying the most expensive trims or someone in the accounting department has been snorting fairy dust

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Has anyone told them that having a grown man in footie pajamas and a blanket looks extraordinarily creepy? At least he doesn't have to stand out in the cold to make a fool of himself like those poor Liberty Tax mascots.