Kia Super Bowl Ad: Tripping With Adriana Lima And Motley Crue

Kia's Super Bowl ad throws every testosterone-filled cliché at you in the hopes of that some coolness will rub off on its Optima family sedan. Why? Because this is how things are done now. The only way to surprise us now is with subtlety.

In the midst of all the bouncing boobs and explosions, you quickly forget about the plain white four-door (why use white?) whizzing around, completely overshadowed by the rest of this he-man fantasy. Now, if Kia built a seven-seater wagon and Mr. Sleepytime went out picking up a half dozen fantasy chicks, then we might remember the car.

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505 - morphine not found

You know what? I liked it. It's so OTT, in every possible way, you simply cannot take it seriously, not for a moment. Yet for me, it still finds the irony sweet spot, plus it shouts loudly about everything else, but not the car. I'm cool with this.