Ken Block Is Coming Back To Rallying In America In His 1993 Ford Escort Cosworth

If you like to hear anti-lag echoing through the woods, clear your calendar next weekend because Ken Block is coming back to American stage rally and he’s doing it in his 1993 Ford Escort Cosworth.

We’ve known that Kenny Blockenheimer was coming back to stage rally in this car for a few months now—at least since he revealed the car, or for a bit longer if you’ve been keeping your ear to the ground on rumors circling around the American rally scene.


Now though, we have his full schedule, and it’s good stuff:

Oregon Trail is one of the prettiest rallies of the year, New England Forest Rally adds to that beauty a level of rough terrain and Idaho, well, I hear Idaho is very nice. (I don’t know much about Idaho, if you can’t tell.)


This is a 350-horsepower WRC car, one that competed back in the day, complete with an electronic brain controlling the center diff and a trick seven-speed sequential.


As like all rally cars, it’s street legal, so you’ll get to see this thing not only blasting sideways on gravel but also driving around on regular roads between stages. Please do not try to race him. He is faster than you.

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