Keep It Simple Stupid! (The K.I.S.S. Method)

Sometimes the best fix for a mechanical problem is the simplest one. This chain link "muffler bracket" is a perfect example.


Cruising around the pits at the National Auto Sport Association (NASA) National Championships I saw all sorts of high-speed machinery and awesome examples of engineering and ingenuity. Then I saw this chain link muffler clamp. At first I sort of scoffed at how simple it was and made a tongue-in-cheek comment to the guy working on the car. "Uh, that's an interesting muffler system. You get that at Home Depot?"

The very frank answer I received from the mechanic, who just happened to be Tom Dragoun who owns 7s Only Racing shop said matter of fact, "Well, in all of my years of racing, I've never lost a muffler."

So there it was. How could I argue with that logic? The basic premise for the K.I.S.S. system: Keep It Simple Stupid!

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