Kanye West Just Bought Two Of These Crazy Armored $1,000,000 SUVs

People revere Kanye West like he's the second coming. These people, it seems, also scare him. So much so that he bought two Dartz Prombron armored SUVs from Latvia. Is Yeezus scared?

For those of you who don't know, Dartz are the crazy Latvians who make the Prombron, an armored SUV based on the Mercedes G-Class. They have great options like "fake whale penis leather" and jewel encrusted snake ornaments. They were also the SUVs of choice in The Dictator.


They can retail for around $400,000, but the way Kanye has specced his "North West Protection Mobiles" come to about $1 million each. I don't think of Kanye as the sort of guy to care for others, but I'm betting that's precisely why he bought this SUV. Perhaps he realized that he is a mortal, his daughter is a mortal, and they need the protection that only Latvian armor, and not Kim Kardashian's ample derrière, can provide.

There aren't details on what exactly will be in the cars, but I'd expect it'll have a number of pompous asshole features and a soft seat for Kim Kardashian to be all comfy in.


Kanye says he'll have the cars before he goes on tour this fall.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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