Justin Bieber Arrested For Drunk Street Racing In Rented Lamborghini

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Police in Miami Beach say they've arrested noted Lamborghini troublemaker Justin Bieber for driving under the influence and drag racing in a rented Lamborghini early Thursday morning.


There aren't many details as of now but Bieber is assumed to still be in custody. Elsewhere in south Florida, police in Opa-Locka are investigating an unauthorized police escort for the singer.

Bieber's got a rough, questionable history with big-ticket cars, including chroming out a Fisker Karma, actually owning and being seen in public with a leopard print Audi R8 and speeding in a Lambo in Dubai.

UPDATE: Per reports from TMZ and SkyNews, Bieber was "on prescription medication, had smoked marijuana and drunk beer" before leaving a nightclub and hopping behind the wheel of a yellow Gallardo. TMZ also reports that Bieber's camp blocked a street so he could race a rapper in a Ferrari 430 Scuderia Spider.

UPDATE #2: Here's Bieber's mugshot and the full report from the Miami Beach P.D., which indicates that he was also resisting arrest.




And for the record, let me put this out there: If you hate Justin Bieber, you are probably an emotionally repressed, fat, TV watching, middle aged wanker who needs to seriously figure out a way to vastly improve your own life satisfaction and range of experience before you inevitably die of cancer in a blink of eternity's eye.

Who has this guy killed, exactly? Other than dressing like a dork and presumably making crappy music, what the hell has he done to attract the level of animosity he does? Answer: been focused, self-confident, and literally gotten more sexually charged attention from hot young women in any five minutes in public than most of you will in your entire lives.

Seriously, guys, hating Justin Bieber has become such a cliche, that it's just pathetic. Row your own fucking boat.