Justin Bieber’s Chrome Fisker Isn’t Just Tasteless, It’s Illegal

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Last month, Justin Bieber got this Fisker Karma as a $100,000-plus 18th-birthday gift on the Ellen Degeneres Show. Now he's given the car a chrome wrap and a few other modifications that should have him watching out for more than just the fashion police.

Bieber's chrome wrap certainly attracts enough attention in the daytime, but it was clearly lacking in the "look at me" department at night. That's why Bieber tricked out his fresh whip with some sick underbody LED lights. Wicked!

While they do look awesome, these lights are illegal, as the State of California does not allow any lights ahead of the dashboard that aren't white or amber.


Like his Batmobile Cadillac, Bieber got all the work on this car done at West Coast Customs, and you'd think they wouldn't sell him a car in violation of state law.

Or maybe they did. And Bieber just wanted it that way.

Which would make Bieber not just a style icon with his Fast and the Furious: Dubai Drift chrome and LED combo Karma, but an outlaw, too. He might even get a "fix-it" citation, or even have to pay a ticket! He's such a rebel.

Photo Credit: TMZ

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Lets Just Drive

Time to inject a little honesty into the commentary.

1.) Don't deny it looks good. The Karma is a gorgeous automobile and it wears that gaudy chrome wrap with a lot more aplomb then any number of "custom" paint jobs and "custom" interiors floating around the Emirates. Which brings me to number...

B.) The guy has money. Lots and lots of money. The privilege of having lots and lots of money, and now being 18 he has access to even more of his own money then he did when he was under 18. He has loads of money. What would you do? And...

3rdly.) He's 18! Sure, hate on him all you want but don't pretend like when you were 18 you had all the tasteful, restrained, quiet and contemplative fashion sense of say... Kia. In all likelihood when you were 18, as I was too, you probably had an eye for the flashy and the gaudy. Particularly if you were an 18 year old BOY.

And Last but not Least.) The guy spends most of his life in L.A. (even if he is a Canuck) and that said, he's not driving a Prius... Sure, it's a Fisker Karma, but at least it's not a Prius.