Just a Porsche 911 on Treads, Pulling a Toyota Tacoma From the Mud

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While most people with old Porsche 911s are pampering them, waiting for the cars to ripen like savings bonds, somebody has turned one into a delightfully perverse all-terrain vehicle and is clearly living their best life.

Jason Lightner, a Porsche enthusiast who has been taking these cars outside their comfort zone for years, posted this little clip from what appears to be the mountains east of Los Angeles, describing the scene simply as a “weekend’s antics.”

I have so many questions. But then again, just knowing that this is a Thing That Happened brings me tremendous joy.


Lightner has been seen a time or two messing around in the Gambler 500 rally, and truly dedicated Jalopnik fans might have even seen him on Car vs America. Don’t be ashamed if you missed that... I made a cameo in the epsiode myself and I actually hadn’t seen it ’til right now when I dug it up for this blog. My role is a little pointless but the clip’s not bad!

Anyway, more power to the people thrashing old Porsches. and I sure hope that bogged Toyota got home OK!