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I'm a big fan of the McLaren P1. I think it's futuristic and amazingly cool. Earlier this week during our live Q&A with Jerry Seinfeld, I learned that he doesn't agree with me. At all.


Before the Q&A, Jerry and I had an email exchange where he asked what my favorite of the new hypercars were coming next year. I chose the P1 based on the preponderance of F1 tech like the DRS wing and KERS system. It's not amazingly attractive, but that's ok. It's a case of form following function.


When we met for the Q&A, Jerry told me his thoughts on the P1, and they weren't exactly glowing accolades. What Jerry told me is that it's "amazing that nobody is talking about how ugly this car is." As you'd expect, he finds the 918 gorgeous, but also loved the LaFerrari.

I mentioned the techie F1 elements on it, and he told me that he just doesn't dig McLaren's styling and a car in this class needs to be beautiful.

We then answered a few more reader questions, but, in Seinfeld fashion, he came back to the P1 about five minutes later, scoffing again at my view on the car. I don't remember his exact words, but it was basically "it looks space age? Ugh. COME ON."

Come on indeed.

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