​James Glickenhaus' SCG 003 Will Swap From A Twin-Turbo V12 To TTV6

James Glickenhaus rocks. Not only is he making a Le Mans car for the street that can go from road car to race car, he's shared his latest plans for the engine and chassis design in our comments. And that includes a modular architecture that can swap between a twin-turbo V6 and a twin-turbo V12.


In our last post about Glickenhaus' plans to drive the SCG 003 to Le Mans, convert it, race it, then swap it back into a road car before catching a bite in Paris, he's disclosed what power plants he envisions for both legs.

The road legal SCG 003 will use a twin-turbocharged V12 with a street-worthy gearbox. When the time comes to race, that will be swapped out with a twin-turbo'd V6.


Here's the shot he included to illustrate it and his comment:

Look at the rear CF subframe. Think of the road version with a Road Legal TT12, road gearbox and fully mounted rear suspension that is plug and play interchangeable, same wheelbase with a CF subframe filled with a TTV6 race motor, gearbox and fully mounted rear suspension all of which unbolts by removing and putting back 6 nuts. Not bad...


When questioned if the SCG 003 was really deserving of a shot at occupying the Garage 56 spot at Le Mans, reserved for prototypes not competing for points, Glickenhaus says, "IMHO SCG 003 will definitely brake some ground for GT cars. Don't think I've ever seen a GT car that can plug and play from a road legal TT12 to a race legal TTV6. One that's totally modular and can be dissembled and reassembled quickly at the track, using by an average person using hand tools…"


He also included this gorgeous shot of the AP Racing caliper and discs, which are worthy of a wall mount and a spotlight.

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