Jalopnik Visits Hennesey Performance: Track Addicts, The Corvette ZR1 And Lexus IS-F

With the demise of the Viper looming, Hennessey Performance is setting itself up to continue providing tuning services well into the future. Surprisingly, Hennessey will be working on the 2009 Corvette ZR1, a car that the company acknowledged as the Viper's enemy. They're also working on offering a kit for the Lexus IS-F, set to include headers and a modified exhaust system to squeeze more oopmh from the eight-geared oddity. And what about that big chunk of land they're sitting on?


We've already mentioned that the company has a drag strip behind their main building but that's just the start of the Lone Star Motorsports Park racing facility they hope to build. The first phase of the track is set to be approximately 1.75 miles long with a 1.06-mile second phase and two small connections. The combined long track should have a maximum length of 2.54 miles of racing surface. One of the features they're hoping to build into the track is a separate entrance for celebrities (Nicholas Cage, for instance) who own the extreme cars but don't necessarily want to get hassled in the pits by dudes who totally loved National Treasure.

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