Jalopnik Poll: Auto Show Booth Babes From The Land Of Borscht Versus The Land Of Baguettes

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The Jalopnik team fortuitously met a reporter by the name of (Liza) while in Paris at last month's auto show. She works for an up-and-coming Russian auto site by the name of autonews.ru, and I've kept in touch with her since we came back a few weeks ago. While talking to young Liza this morning, she wanted to let me know that she was personally unimpressed with the caliber of "booth babes" strutting their stuff in Paris, and that she felt the women of Mother Russia, and specifically the ones showing their stuff at the Moscow Auto Show, were better equipped to show off and pull the various knobs and levers and whatsagadgets necessary to demonstrate today's car. Not having much of a dog in the hunt, yet immediately sensing an opportunity, I offered her the ability to show off said models, and let an impartial jury — say, the readers of Jalopnik — decide who's got the sterner stuff. She's obliged — and because we couldn't make it there, she's provided us with not only a small gallery of Moscow Auto Show "booth babes," but also a direct link to the full galleries they've got set up for the 2006 ? ? ? (Moscow Motor Show). So, after you've sampled both those galleries and our own Paris Booth Babe gallery, come back over here and pull a lever of your own below the jump.

[Moscow Auto Show Booth Babes Gallery]
[Paris Auto Show Booth Babes Gallery]

? ? ? 2006 [autonews.ru]


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