Jalopnik Crash Week: Post-Accident Report

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So Crash Week has shuddered, crunched and rolled end-over-end to a close, just as the IIHS released high-res photos of the '59 Bel Air/'09 Malibu crash test that started it all. Let's look at the pics below and reflect.

While there was some controversy over the legitimacy of the Insurance Institute's 50th anniversary crash test, it's hard to argue that today's cars are exactly what the crash test attempted to show — safer in a collision. During Crash Week we looked at all sorts of crashes, some of which engineers could plan for, some not, and we took a look at the history of auto safety itself. As Crash Week continued, it became apparent that just because today's cars are safer doesn't mean the safety argument is over.


After all, Crash Week was also our Guide To Bad Driving, and with our World Atlas of Bad Driving we saw, time and time again, that there is no way to eliminate crashes brought on by plain old stupid driving. Therefore, Jalopnik continues to advocate thorough and continued driver education — as well as just being calm, being continuously aware of traffic and your car and of course, hanging up the damn phone while you drive. Guidelines which, of course, we know all our faithful readers adhere to, right? Because if Crash Week has reinforced just one of our beliefs, it's that it's always the other guy.

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