Jaguar Will Continue To Build Sexy Wagons With An XF Sportbrake Coming In 2017

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We were all very sad when Jaguar announced that it would be giving up on wagons to focus more on the SUV market. Now it seems Jaguar isn’t out of the longroof game quite yet! The brand plans on launching an all new XF Sportbrake sometime in 2017.

Automotive News Europe has reported the upcoming debut of a new XF Sportbrake (which is the fancy Jaguar word for wagon) in 2017. Both gasoline and diesel motors are planned and unlike the last generation Sportbrake this one will be available with both a diesel and all-wheel drive.


In Europe, wagons make up 50 percent of large premium vehicle sales, otherwise known as mid-size luxury cars in the US market. Mercedes predicts that it will sell more E-Class wagons in Germany than sedans this year. Jaguar needs an AWD competitor in the colder climates to go up against the very popular Audi A6 Avant and BMW 5 Series Touring, in addition to the all new Volvo V90 and V90 Cross Country. From the story:

“We will continue to grow our reputation as all-weather experts with all-wheel drive available on every vehicle and a toolbox of traction technology to give our drivers confidence whatever the conditions” - Andy Goss, Jaguar Land Rover sales director

As of now Jaguar has no plans to bring the XF Sportbrake to the U.S., but I wouldn’t get too depressed just yet. Automakers are slowly and cautiously offering more wagons to Americans even if they are blurring the line between crossover and wagon.

On the lower end of the market you have the super hot selling Subaru Outback that will soon face competition from the Volkswagen Golf Alltrack. Buick seems to be on the fast track to offer some kind of Regal wagon variant. Even the BMW 3 Series wagon and Audi Alroad are finding enough customers to justify their existence.


Of course, if Jaguar wanted to sell a wagon to Americans they would have to add more ride-height and “ruggedness” then name it the XF SportCountry or something.


I don’t care what they call it as long as it looks good.

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