Jaguar Is Done Building Sexy Wagons As SUVs Rule The Universe

Since Americans just don’t buy wagons and Europeans started looking for crossovers instead as well, Jaguar’s Design Chief Ian Callum says Jaguar can’t make a business case for sexy wagons anymore.


Ian Callum was already spilling the beans on the future of Jaguar’s most practical side, according to Auto News. As it turns out, Jaguar found that the Germans are buying wagons in Europe, and the wagons they spend their hard earned Euros on also happen to be German – as in, not Jaguars. Said German carmakers also manage to sell their best looking estates to some Austrians and Swiss, but the British aren’t buying. In fact, the British want exactly what the Americans want: SUVs.

Painful or not, Jaguar has to make money, and that’s why the F-Pace SUV is set to become its best-selling model to date, while a successor to its 186 MPH wagon or an arguably better version of the smaller XE sedan is out of the question.

Basically, you didn’t buy enough of these:


So Callum had to do this:


In other news, the 2017 Volvo V90 T8, a hybrid wagon with more than 400 horsepower is set to go on sale in America very soon.

Talking of high-voltage wires, are you ready for Jaguar’s electric cars? They won’t be wagons but will use Williams’ know-how to be awesome anyway. The Paris Motor Show is not that long away.


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