New straight-six not pictured. Photo: Jaguar

JLR’s new 3.0 straight-six will be available in both petrol and diesel form, with a power output ranging from 275 to 500+ horsepower, making the supercharged V6 a thing of the past.

Jaguar Land Rover’s all-aluminum Ingenium engine family is a scaleable one, so it was only a matter of time before they decided to add two more cylinders to their direct-injection turbo fours in the name of efficiency and lowered manufacturing costs.


With a standardized cylinder size of 500cc, Jaguar is basically doing what BMW has been up to lately, sizing their inline units up and down, with the possibility of a three-cylinder gas unit as well as a 500+ horsepower version that can power anything in JLR’s wide range of cars and trucks. Not to mention that this new engine will also work better with JLR’s hybridization plans.

This is still not it. Photo: Jaguar

Car reports that their will be six versions of the 3.0 at first, with the gas engines producing either 300, 400 or 500 horses, while the diesel range will start at 275hp, with two additional tunes offering 335 and 400 hp, plus presumably all the torque.

In other news, while working on an electric car, Jaguar won’t be building a wagon XE with this straight six, so you’ll still have to buy a BMW or a Mercedes if that’s the combination you’re looking for.


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