It's Yellow

Hello. Today I would like to announce that it (a 2002 Lexus IS300 SportCross) is yellow. That is the color that it is, at this moment, as in all moments before it, dating back to the build date of it (the 2002 Lexus IS300 SportCross in question).


Is it news that this car, this wagon, this 2JZ-powered, rear-wheel-drive, Lexus wagon with an asking price of $6,800, is yellow? It is, in that it (the car) is not only yellow (rare!) but also yellow (good!) and for sale (for $6,800) at this moment.

Look at it being yellow, and also a car, and also a yellow car that is yellow. Also, one of the greatest engines of the modern era lurks under the hood.


These first-gen ISes are underrated, and that’s before you take into account that they can be (as they are in this case) yellow.


You, a person, could be owning this car, and become, in that transformational transaction, a person who is owning this car that is both 1. yellow 2. a wagon 3. a 2JZ-powered wagon 4. a 2JZ-powered rear-wheel drive wagon that is yellow.


This is a high-mileage car, reflected in the asking price. It should be noted that this is a Craigslist Asking Price, which means that it is definitely not something you should ever be paying, but rather something north of what you should be waving under the seller’s nose in cash. I mean, not this one. Give this person all your money, as this person is the keeper of the yellow Lexus wagon. From the listing, in Bakersfield:

Up for sale is my 2002 Lexus IS 300 SportCross. I planned on keeping this car for much longer but our family situation calls for something more practical. I bought the car a year or so ago with 208xxx miles and have loved it since I bought it. My reason for selling is that I recently picked up a more family friendly vehicle.

This is an extremely rare color and the paint is in very good condition. The paint was professionally corrected and ceramic coated along with the wheels about 4 months ago. The previous owner had all of the windows tinted, the front bumper professionally re-sprayed, wheels powder-coated black and some interior panels re-upholstered to factory specs. Overall, the car looks immaculate for its age and mileage. The car has all of the original trim pieces (cargo cover, etc.) and full size spare wheel/tire.

The car runs well for its age and has like new tires and brakes. The car also has an aftermarket head unit with bluetooth and touchscreen (I can provide the stock head unit if wanted).

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or if you’d like any more detailed shots of anything in specific. Thanks for looking!


Thank you, person who got this 200,000+ mile car professionally paint corrected and ceramic-coated. You have the right idea.


The car being yellow is not only nice, in that it is yellow and thusly pleasing to the eyes, but it is also rare, as I noted before. But truly, these two seemingly-distinct points are unified together, as the rarity of the color contributes also to its goodness. I do not mean to say that yellow cars should be rare. Quite the contrary. But in their rareness do they also stand out, and in that standing out they impart a greater urgency to their implied visual value: the cars, that we see, even though they may be normal, deserve a bit of wonder to them, even if this is nothing more than a coat of paint, a coat of paint that happens to be fun, light, bright, sweet, cute, angry, purposeful, and yellow.


(Hat tip to Wilson!)

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