Photo Credits: Ferrari

Your legs feel frozen. A blinding light streaks across the sky, disappearing in dread over the horizon when BAM you wake up in a cold sweat. The thought almost falls from your lips: Yellow cars are actually good.

Yes indeed! Your anxiety dream of the increasingly-likely nuclear death of the planet did bring you a worthwhile message that yellow is a good color for cars. It’s a fun color. It is bright and proud.

Photo Credits: Ferrari

Look at this Ferrari 365 GT4 BB. When it debuted in 1971, it was an extremely serious car. One of the fastest road cars ever produced up until that time, it was a high-strung, twelve-cylinder performance machine. Did Ferrari show it off in a serious color, like red (fast), silver (sleek) or a darker silver (extra sleek)? No. Ferrari painted it yellow.

Photo Credits: Ferrari


Looks good.

Even your ordinary car would look good in yellow. You might think that it would look silly, so odd, so random, right? Yes! Embrace it. Let it in. Let the yellow take over.

Let it be your guiding light, an explosive force streaking over your dull suburbia, blowing it apart.