It's Not OK: Nanjing Downplays Oklahoma Production Plans

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Not so fast, Okies! That's the word from China's Nanjing Motors, new owner of MG-Rover. Last week, word came down that the company is reportedly planning a factory in Oklahoma to build new MG sports cars for the states, with the first models coming in two years. But at the British Motor Show, the company distanced itself from the news like it was 100-year-old oyster sauce.

'We have only signed a memorandum of understanding with a local partner (in the US) as yet,' said Jianwei. 'We might have three production bases. It is only a thought that we might have Oklahoma in addition to China and the UK.' "


There was better news for Chinese workers, as the company announced it planned to start producing a reborn MG ZT in China in the first half of 2007, with sales starting there in the second half of next year — though, according to officials, that model may not come to Europe at all (2008 has been pegged for a European return). As for the over 6,000 displaced workers from MG-Rover's Longbridge UK plant — uh, never mind. [Thanks to Doug for the tip.]

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