It's Leonard Nimoy's Birthday, So Here He Is Going Crazy In A Race Car

We're big fans of Leonard Nimoy here at Los Jalops, because everyone in the world is and if you aren't then you are committing some sort of crime. It's his 83rd birthday today, so to celebrate, here he is in 1973 driving a race car during a drug-induced paranoid delusion.


Just kidding, it's a clip from the TV movie Baffled! If that leaves you baffled as well, because you've never heard of this little adventure in between all the Star Trek and all the Bilbo, I'll let Wikipedia explain it:

Baffled! is a 1973 television movie intended as a pilot for a television series. The story is part of the occult detective sub-genre.

Race car driver Tom Kovack (played by Leonard Nimoy) suddenly begins to experience psychic visions. He meets Michelle Brent (played by Susan Hampshire), an expert on the paranormal, and the two form an unlikely partnership. Kovack's visions draw them into an occult themed mystery at a remote inn on the English coast.

A TV movie intended as a pilot of a series about a race car driver with psychic visions and an occult-themed mystery that takes place in the middle of nowhere in a country that isn't America?

I have no idea why this wasn't picked up. It sounds genius, to me.

Happy birthday, Mr. Nimoy.

via Grand Prix Diary


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