Leonard Nimoy Smack Talks Zachary Quinto, Drops F-Bomb In Audi Ad

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Spocks both past and present face off in a battle of wits and driving in this hilarious Audi video posted to YouTube yesterday. There's Leonard Nimoy besting Zachary Quinto at chess, singing the "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins," and using a vulcan nerve pinch. There's also a lot of smack talk.

Not sure where to start with why this ad works. Yes, both Quinto and Nimoy are Spock and both are hilarious, but Quinto is smart to play straight man to Leonard Nimoy's ridiculous behavior. There's also a car ad buried somewhere in here (Hint: you don't want a Mercedes CLS). The end bit with Audi's self-driving car is just icing on the cake.


(Hat tip to Ray Wert!)