It Took A Year To Make History With The First Motocross Triple Backflip

Here’s the formula to pull off the world’s first triple backflip: a bike traveling at 60 MPH, a 37-foot ramp angled at precisely 81 degrees, and a massive set of gonads. Josh Sheehan has all of those things, and here’s the result.


After a grueling year of practice falls, and fails – including dozens of test-landings into a massive airbag – the 29-year-old Australian managed three full reverse rotations on Tuesday at Pastranaland.

The ramp was designed and built specifically for the stunt at Travis Pastrana’s adult playpen in Maryland, allowing Sheehan to crest 80 vertical feet to make the flips and stick the landing.

But enough words. Just watch:


It’s been like what...9 years since Travis did the first recorded double-backflip? Congrats to Josh Sheehan and kudos to Pastrana for allowing, and supporting, Sheehan to one-up him.