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It Must Be 2019 Again, Because the Tesla Semi Is Coming 'This Year'

CEO Elon Musk tweeted the news, adding the Cybertruck is also on the way.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Time is a flat circle, and the Tesla Semi is supposedly coming this year. At least, Elon Musk says it is. So who really knows?

The Semi was first unveiled back in 2017, and was initially announced to hit the roads in 2019, but that obviously never happened. Production delays made sure of that.


To be exact, Musk tweeted Wednesday that the company will be launching the long-range version of the truck this year – which, according to Musk, will be able to travel 500 miles on a single charge.


This is apparently a bit of a surprise. According to InsideEVs, the truck was supposed to be delayed until 2023 at the earliest. So, if Musk is to be believed, it’s less delayed than it was originally slated to be. Does that make sense? I think it does.

Anyway, not a ton is known about the Semi just yet, according to the outlet. Chief among the unknown is the battery pack. Will the Semi have the new 4680 cell pack or the older 2170 pack? It’s anyone’s guess.

At any rate, there are a few things we do know, or at least have been told, about the Semi. Tesla says it’ll be able to go 0-60 in 20 seconds when loaded with 80,000 pounds. The Semi will be powered by four independent motors on the rear axles. In terms of pricing, it’s all still a bit rough. Tesla says the base 300 mile truck will cost an estimated $150,000. The 500 mile model adds $30,000 to that. If you want to order one, you’ve got to put down $20,000 up front for a reservation.

Oh, and Musk also tweeted that the Cybertruck is actually coming next year. I guess we will see.