Tesla's Semi Is On Track (Physically, At Least)

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Gif: Tesla

The Tesla Semi was first shown in November 2017, which is almost three-and-half years ago now. We are inching closer to a production version, as Tesla seems to be focused on getting both it and the Cybertruck out the door this year. Still, the Semi prototype is on track. Well, a physical track at least.

We’ve seen the Tesla Semi — or a Tesla Semi prototype — plenty of times, though I’m not sure we’ve ever seen it on a track.

Turn your sound up if you want to hear its high-pitched squeal:


Tesla getting its Texas plant up-and-running to build the Cybertruck is good news for those waiting on the Tesla Semi as well, since that is where the Semi will be built, too. And while electric semis for long-haul trucking still seem pretty unrealistic, I expect that Tesla will argue that Tesla Semis make a lot more sense for shorter routes, and that the fuel savings will add up over time, since conventional diesel trucks get single-digit mpg.

Anyway, possibly the same Tesla Semi was spotted last week, and Electrek says that that is the first time we have seen this new prototype running under its own power. Which is progress, though I assume Tesla is still sprinting a bit to get some Semis out this year, as Tesla CEO Elon Musk promised in January.


And for many, the Tesla Semi is the most exciting new Tesla product, period, given its potential to replace a lot of trucks in the current fleet, trucks that spew pollution. I get that.Beyond that, though, it seems like this year is going to be a bit of a snoozer in terms of Tesla if all it has coming is the Semi and the Cybertruck. It will be fun, at least, to watch it scramble to make both.

Wake me up when the nice $25,000 Model 2 gets here.