Audi says their Virtual Cockpit is a pretty big deal. Set to debut on the all-new 2015 Audi TT and then at least three other new cars, it eliminates the center screen and gauge cluster for a display right in front of the driver. But what will instrumentation look like in 10 years?

Audi has an idea about that too, and they debuted it recently at the 2014 CeBIT consumer electronics show in Germany. They call it the Audi James 2025 Concept, and while it's just a design study at the moment, I think it's a logically sound look at where cars could go in a decade.


You have three screens with various displays that move in and out of sight as you need them, a transforming steering wheel, Minority Report-esque hand controls for the menus, and an autopilot system, because you know those are coming.

Oh, and retracting cupholders! Gotta have those in the future.

It's all pretty complex, but it may not be that far off considering the multiple screens, infotainment systems and digital gauge clusters we have right now. Anyone down with Audi's vision of the future?


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