Bugatti's been teasing us with something that's going to appear of their Facebook page soon, and while it may be just another run-of-the-mill 1200 HP Veyron variant, perhaps it's something more? Like, perhaps, the quad-ion engined, articulated surface flying machine seen in the trailer for Neil Blomkamp's (of District 9 fame) new movie, Elysium?


Sure, why not? I mean, yes, it looks like it won't be available until the 2150s, and from what I gather in the trailer, it'll only be available to the very few privileged people living in orbit away from the squalor of a chaotic Earth, but, really, it's about as likely that I'll be able to own a 2150s flying Bugatti as I am a used 2007 Bugatti Veyron with minor accident damage and a strange vomit smell they can't get out of the carpet.

Also appearing in the movie: what appears to be a very old and very modified GT-R! It gets flipped into what looks like it may have been a Raptor. So, good news is that in about a century and a quarter or so GT-R prices will get cheap enough to make them almost disposable! Hot damn!

So, there's my prediction for Bugatti's New Big Thing: a highly advanced, fictitious air (space?) craft that you're not rich enough to have. Enjoy!


(Thanks, MooseKnuckles!)

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