Is This the Mid-Engine Corvette Before You're Supposed to See It?

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Screenshot: Street Speed 717

We’re almost at mid-engine Corvette time, officially set for a week from Thursday. But the closer we get, the more leaks will spring. First we saw the back of the thing, and here is what purports to be the full, real-deal, 2020 C8 Corvette, with the engine behind the driver and everything. Even if the picture is a bit smudgey.


First posted, as far as we can tell, as part of a video by Youtuber Street Speed 717 (it’s at the 6:57 mark or so), it looks as if it was quick cell phone photo taken in a General Motors facility, with the background obscured:

We’re not going to officially declare “THIS IS IT” just yet, but it looks close enough to all the prototypes we’ve seen that it’s pretty convincing.

Take this, the back photo, and some interior shots floating around, the exhaust noise and boom, there you have it. A glimpse at the mid-engine Corvette.

H/t to Brian Williams!

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Yesssss. Another article where a bunch of people angry that they’ll never be able to afford a Corvette tell us all the faults of the new Corvette before it’s actually released!

It looks like a Camaro! It looks like a cross between a XXX and a XXX! It’s exhaust sounds dumb! The interior quality sucks! It doesn’t come in brown! I can’t wait for it to depreciate so I can not buy a used one! Heat issues! Blaaaah blaaaaaah blaaaaaaaaaaah.