Is This The BMW 3-Series GT? Again?

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If so, why is it all covered in swirls? We've all seen it already.

It was quite good timing on my part actually, because as I was walking up the street in Santa Barbara the other morning, I looked and saw this camo'd BMW driving towards me. I would've taken a picture of the back but it drove away pretty quickly.

It is, I'm pretty sure, the 3-Series GT that was spied last week during a shoot for its upcoming reveal next year. After seeing the uncovered version, I actually think the swirls help its overall looks. But working in its favor is the fact it isn't too large in person, unlike the positively ginormous 5-Series GT. And based on a quick view of the back, likely with a conventional tailgate, is less abrupt than the 5's.


So why is BMW still testing this car? Your guess is as good as mine, but I will say this particular example was extremely quiet as it sped past me. There's probably a super-smooth turbo six under the hood of this example.

Many people believe the 3 GT will be shown at the Geneva show in March, which will be when we get to see it, touch it and decide if BMW cracked the hatchback nut or if it's a screw up like past efforts.

What do you think of the 3 GT?

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Ci@CI, the disciple of Bangle

Is it bad I care more about the fact that the picture is taken in Santa Barbara than I do the car in the picture?