Is The BMW 3 GT Brilliant Or Hideous?

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Bimmerpost just revealed the BMW 3 Series GT today, catching two completely undisguised cars on a video shoot. It is the 3-series hatchback you've been waiting for… or the one you've been dreading?

Do you like the hatchback 3er? Do you maybe like the idea, but find the execution terrible? Is the whole car an affront to your very soul? Let us know in Kinja below.


Photo Credit: Bimmerpost

(Hat tip to Brian!)

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Raphael Orlove

Let me say that I love weird hatchback versions of regular sedans. Back in the early '90s there were tons of these things around and they all were practical and cool and I miss them. I even miss the Geo Prizm hatchback. I also love some weird BMW hatchbacks. The 2002 Touring is a classic.

But the 3 series should be a three-box sedan with a trunk. A wagon I will permit, but a hatchback just seems inappropriate. These days, it just doesn't feel right.

I will cite the 5 Series GT (pictured above), which looks like a cross between a Kia and a beached whale, as an example of why BMW should leave hatchbacks to other brands and stick to sedans and wagons.