Wait, did Porsche just leak an upcoming facelift for the maybe-manual GT3 on some online app thing?

It appears that a Porsche digital coloring book/configurator on their Dutch website renders out a 3D model of, well, not the existing GT3, as one reader sent in to the excellent Autoblog.nl.


As you can see, that’s not the same face as the current GT3. But this 3D model is definitely a GT3 and badged as such. It must be some kind of facelift for the future.

We saw all of these images pop up on the great Autoforum.cz.


There’s no trace of the leaked images on Porsche’s site now, so it appears the company got wise to the breach. Time will tell how bad they goofed.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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