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This camo'ed SUV sure looks like a Land Rover, you can even make out an LR badge blacked out in the centercaps. But rumors are circulating that test mules for the new Jaguar SUV are running 'round in Rover skins, and that might be what we're actually looking at.

Autoblog spotted what they first identified as a "performance variant of the next Defender" wearing Evoque body panels, but later amended their story to confirm it was actually a test platform for the 2.0-powered Jaguar SUV.

The vehicle spotted here by a reader in Denver, Colorado is clearing not the same SUV AB saw and I'm personally inclined to believe this is the new LR2/Freelander vehicle that will be the bottom-bracket in Land Rover's new "Discovery" family.

Actually, it looks a bit like a new Ford Explorer mashed up with a Mitsubishi Outlander.


But even if the body is borrowed from a Rover, that doesn't mean it isn't vetting running gear for the first sport utility to wear a leaping cat badge. Or perhaps both those conclusions are false and it's a new Evoque variant with extra headroom.

Get our your microscope and let us know what you reckon.



Hat tip to Brandt Shwayder for sending in these images!