Next Land Rover Discovery Teased At Geneva Motor Show

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With a minute-long video full of sci-fi style images at the Geneva Motor Show, Land Rover officially announced that it's going to mix up its nomenclature by breaking the "Discovery" SUVs into their own sub-brand, similar to what they did with "Range Rover" so many years ago.

So far two models are confirmed to wear the Discovery badge, which I expect will be emblazoned in raised lettering across the front of the bonnet, the LR2/Freelander and successor to the current Discovery/LR4.


Though since the "Discovery" name was canned for the US market with the demise of the tastefully facelifted Discovery Series II in 2004, I suspect we'll see the same letter/number naming system in America that we've got already. Which is a shame, because Discovery is a brilliant name for a luxury off-roader, and "LR_" just might be the least creative title any automaker has bestowed upon a vehicle ever.

Land Rover also released this silhouette. Looks like the next Discovery/LR5 will retain that trademark stepped roof, and get a lot more forward-slanty with its rear pillar. Beyond than that, we can only speculate as to what those strange half-moons will be on the bottom half.

The Defender, in whatever form it exists in into the future, will probably get a similar naming restructure soon for the markets in which it still exists.

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