Is The Toyota MR2 Turbo The Most Dangerous Car You Can Buy?

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Regular Car Reviews says the MR2 Turbo might be the most dangerous car ever because of its accessibility and tendency towards sudden lift-off oversteer, but I would buy one for the "Warning: Radio Will Not Work If Removed" sticker alone.

Getting a second-gen MR2 crossed my mind every week when I lived in London. The UK is full of them and they really are dirt cheap. That might be a problem because driving a mid-engined car fast takes practice, and young drivers tend to be lacking that sort of experience.

The good news is that like all Toyotas from the nineties, the SW20 is easily fixable from the parts bin after ending up in a ditch, and owning one will give you the satisfaction of having a classic that drives well, looks great and could never happen again. Especially with a blue interior.

The way I see it, this car and its weight-shifting only helps getting rid of the less smart ones you didn't like that much anyway. It's called natural selection.