Is The New Batmobile A Hybrid?

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And now, a dispatch from the Jalopnik Department Of Crazy Rumors: We're hearing that the new Batmobile from the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman film, likely to be unveiled today, might be hybrid. Say whaaaaaat?


A well-placed tipster told us that, according to his source at Warner Bros., the next Batmobile will be a fully-drivable car just like the Tumbler was. But unlike that car, it's going to have a hybrid-electric drivetrain. Our source says they plan to use the car in promotional events for years to come after this film series has concluded, much as they have done with previous Batmobiles.

Take this news with a huge grain of salt, but what you just read is all we know about this car and its powertrain situation at the moment.

We aren't sure if that means the car will be a hybrid to save gas during filming and events — much like how the Tim Burton movie Batmobiles were really powered by Chevy V8s and not jet turbines — or if the Batmobile will be a hybrid within the fictional Batman Vs. Superman universe.

If the latter is true, I'm definitely hoping it's more McLaren P1 than Toyota Prius, a high-tech electrified sports car with advanced technology derived from racing. That would make more sense, and frankly, I don't think Batman really gives a shit about his miles per gallon. He's far too busy pummeling people.


We may find out more today, so stay tuned — same Jalop time, same Jalop channel!


The Little Engine That Couldnt

Why wouldn't it be? The three best cars in the world are hybrids. The most popular sedan in the US in terms of OMG LOOKIT is a full electric. Bruce Wayne runs a tech company. It would be weird if the batmobile weren't the most technically impressive vehicle on the streets.