It sure is. Maybe we're just unusually attuned, having been rendered all self-reliant by SoCal life, where being ferried around by somebody else is a sign of weakness. But as soon as we hit the outerboroughs this morning on our way into the City That Never Sleeps, en route to cover the New York Auto Show, we were reminded of the absolute importance of the Crown Vic and the awh-mighty Lincoln Town Car to the both the local economy and the urban psyche.

Uni-body is all well and good—hey, it's actually superior engineering (according to many, if not all). But somehow it lacks that certain... body-on-frame vibe that says, Yo! I have a financial baron/media macher/fashion entrepreneur/corporate law rainmaker stashed in the back. Or just some underling from the late-night proofreading pool using the company dime to roll back to Brooklyn in soothing luxury.

Let's not overlook the cab factor, either. Post-Checker, the Crown Vic is pretty much what most New Yorkers think when they cab—at least until the current fleets are replaced by something new.


Finally, let us remember those who built and continue to build the Big Apple: the enterprising immigrants who touch down in New York and quickly obtain a taxi and limo license. Whether its a Crown Vic or a Town Car, their path to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness takes place with body-on-frame providing the support.

Body-on-frame: Come to New Yawk and it's everywhere! You can't swing and old fan belt without hitting one. We'll miss it when it's gone, but given how many dang examples there are around this town, that'll take a while. Body-on-frame and New York: two great taste that go great together.