Interview With a Snorg Girl

Jalopnik: Hi. What the hell are you so happy about?

Snorg Girl: Hello! Well, in general I am happy for many reasons. Mostly because I feel it is a waste of time to be sad or angry. But, in the Snorg ads I am happy because Bryan is dancing and that is a spectacular sight to see. (Note: Bryan is one of Snorg's owners.)

Jalopnik: Uh... One of our readers claims you were raised in a vat of milk and honey. What was that like?

Snorg Girl: Hmmm. Sticky and scrumptious?


Jalopnik: What kind of car do you drive? Follow up: What's in your Fantasy Garage?

Snorg Girl: I drive a black Ford Escape with stickers all over the back; It's definitely a hippie car. However, I don't get to drive the little guy at the moment due to stupidity. I love big cars and I would love an environmentally friendly one that's not ridiculously expensive but until that day I think I'm just going to stick with my bike. Oh, and I love driving my Daddy's BMW. So, I'll take one of those.

Jalopnik: Can you drive stick? Bonus question: If yes, can you heel & toe?

Snorg Girl: Nope, that's one thing I would really love to learn how to do. Though I tried once on my dad's old BMW and that just was not a good idea. And I can heel & toe – the dance, that is. Damn that was a good one.

Jalopnik: Indeed. Out of all the sites your Snorg T-Shirt ads appear on, which is your favorite?

Snorg Girl: Well MySpace is always good and that's where a lot of people recognize me from but I really like

Jalopnik: (You're supposed to say "Jalopnik!" Or at least, "Fleshbot") What the hell is that "I heart the lamp" shirt all about? Seriously, we're on the not dumb side of smart and we just don't get it.

Snorg Girl: Have you never seen Anchor Man!?! What is wrong with you people? Watch it. Right now.


Jalopnik: No. Besides wearing T-shirts and brushing your teeth, how do you spend your time?

Snorg Girl: Being with my lovies at Auburn. Walking around barefoot, sleeping – I LOVE sleeping – doing any kind of arts and crafts, laughing... I laugh a lot. Thinking about penguins (it's kind of an obsession) and this summer I'm going to be living with my big brother and bartending with my best friend in the entire world, so that should be excellent.

Jalopnik: Can you touch your elbows behind your back?

Snorg Girl: No, I just tried it. Cracked my back really well, though.


Jalopnik: Final Question: your home is on fire. You can either save your boyfriend or the BMW M Coupe in the garage. Not both. What do you do?

Snorg Girl: This is a hard one... If it was between my dog and the M Coupe then DEFINITELY my dog, but it really depends on how much I like this boyfriend. No, I would always choose the person.


Jalopnik: That's too bad. Bonus round. Examine these four Jalopniks. Who do you find the most huggable and/or kissable?

Snorg Girl: Oh yes, I pick D because he is wearing glasses and he has some scruff going on!

Jalopnik: In your collective faces, Spin, Johnson and Wert.


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