Insane Latvian Car Company Invents Totally Insane New Class Of Insane SUVs

Dartz, probably the best of all the Latvian car makers, has made some of the most epic armored trucks — and movie posters — of the last decade.


But now they have let us know what they are inventing an entirely new class of car thanks to a partnership with Germany automaker Saxon Auto Manfactur called BNUDS. Of course it is!

BNUDS stands for "Bespoke, Noble, Urban, Desert, Safety." Each car will be specially built to the customer's specs (Bespoke), since Dartz has been around since 1910, the car will be sold under one of the oldest manufacturing labels in the world (Noble), it'll be fantastic in any city (Urban), it will be based on Saxon's titanium tube frame used in rally cars (Desert), and the titanium frame will also make it very safe (Safety).



The car, dubbed the DARTZ-SAM NAGEL DAKKAR, will have a starting price around $300,000. In a shift from their normally outlandish attitude, Dartz seems to have some realistic goals for the car, and only plans to sell 10 in the first year. The handy graph to the left shows just how great Dartz expects this truck to be.

Eventually, they want to stake a claim on 1.3 percent of the high end luxury performance SUV market. Dartz also says it will be the most capable and exclusive SUV... in the world. Their term for the new car is "aggressive SUV."


Power will be from AMG's 5.5 liter turbo V8 tuned to put out 650 horsepower connected to a 7-speed dual clutch transmission. That should be enough to make the 4,000 pound vehicle quite fast. The interior should be luxurious, but we aren't sure if it'll be available with the desirable faux whale penis interior. The design isn't final yet, but look for the aggressive SUV to start appearing outside rebel bunkers, missile silos, or as a dictator's car in a country near you in 2013.

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