Remember earlier this month when those adorable little kids in India adorably drove a Ferrari F430 around like it was a Power Wheels car? That video has apparently landed the kids' dad in jail.

The Times of India reports that the video sparked "widespread outrage" in that country, prompting police in Kerala to arrest father Mohammed Nisham on Friday. The newspaper reports that Nisham's son, the one behind the wheel of the Ferrari, is just 9 years old.

Nisham was charged with encouraging underage driving and allowing an unlicensed minor to drive the vehicle. No word on what penalties he may face for this.

Let me add something important here, kids. If you're going to commit a crime or engage in some kind of act that may be against the law, it's extremely helpful not to film it and put it on YouTube. Law enforcement officials have a technical term for this: "evidence."


It's safe to assume he's out of the running for the Father of the Year award in India now, right?

Hat tip to Creative Accidents!